Contemporary middle eastern cuisine,
with a focus on healthy and organic ingredients

Pick up Instructions


Pick Up and Dining Room Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 11:30am – 8pm
Friday: 11:30am – 9pm
Saturday: 12pm – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

During this unprecedented time, we are extremely grateful for your support! Thank you so much! We truly appreciate it.

Pickup Instructions for Customers

For pick up orders, there is a limit of only one person inside the restaurant at a time to maintain social distancing.
We are continuing with our high standard of cleanliness by washing hands after each transaction and sanitizing customer areas.

Mezze / Shares /Meals

hummus… 9

chickpea, tahini, lemon & garlic

baba ganooj… 10.50

smoky eggplant with pomegranate & tahini

kiar bi laban… 9.50

cucumber, mint, garlic yogurt


with tahini

tabbouleh salad …small 7 large 14

kale & quinoa with purple onion & barberries

olives, selection of pickles, artichoke & bulgarian feta…12.99

zaatar Roasted Potatoes…8.99

with harissa aioli

deep fried cauliflower…12.99

with tahini

pan fried halloumi…13.99

with cucumber & tomato


lentils, quinoa & brown rice, onions, chilies, preserved lemon & spices

Hand-Cut Zaatar Frites…small 6 large 10

tossed with house spice mix with harissa aioli

Saha Poutine…15

our famous hand cut zaatar frites with mujadrah, halloumi, tahini & hot sauce topped with feta & crispy fried onions

beef kefta…16.50

three cache creek natural grilled beef patties seasoned with mint, cilantro & spices with tahini.
add an additional patty 5.50

harissa chicken…16.50

two farmcrest kabobs with tahini.
Add an additional kabob…8.50

Lamb Merguez Sausage from Two Rivers…17.99

three North African style Two River sausages with tahini.
Add an additional sausage…4.85

Chermoulah Salmon…17.99

two wild oceanwise kabobs served with tahini.
Add an additional kabob 8.99

Trio of Dips…25

choose any 3 dips

Nabatti Platter…26

falafel, deep fried cauliflower, mujadrah, green salad, pita bread, tahini & hot sauce

Meshwi Platter…57

three beef kefta, two harissa chicken kabobs, three lamb merguez sausage, zaatar roasted potatoes, feta, pita bread, tahini & hot sauce


Tomato, purple onion, casa vel trano olives, cucumber, romaine lettuce, almonds, barbarries, garlic & mint vinaigrette…11
Make it a fattouche salad…13


Cache creek natural beef kefta per patty…5.50

Two rivers lamb merguez sausage…5.50

Farmcrest harissa chicken kabob…8.99

Wild oceanwise chermoulah salmon kabob…8.99

Falafels (3) or Mujadrah …5


Feta Royale – feta, pistachio, barberries, apricots & figs…6.25


Deep Fried Cauliflower…6

Pita Wrap

Tomato, romaine, house made pickles, tahini wrapped up in pita bread. served with hand cut zaatar frites or house salad; substitute frites or salad for a cup of soup…3.50

cache creek natural beef kefta…15.25

farmcrest harissa chicken kabob…15.25

wild oceanside chermoulah salmon…17

two rivers lamb merguez sausage…16

feta royale – bulgarian feta, dried apricots, barberries, figs & pistachio…15


Baba Ganooj…12

Veggie Supreme – deep fried cauliflower & mujadrah…15

Halloumi & Cucumber …14


Served with hummus, roasted zaatar potatoes, green salad in a vinaigrette, house made pickles, tahini & pita bread

Add a cup of a soup 3.50 Add halloumi…6.99

** make it a laziz bowl – substitute hummus & green salad for baba ganooj & tabbouleh salad… 5 **

cache creek natural beef kefta…17.50

farmcrest harrisa chicken kabob…17.50

oceanwise wild chermoulah salmon kabob…18

two rivers lamb merguez sausage…17


veggie supreme…17
deep fried cauliflower & mujadrah


Hummus & veggies…7

Hummus & pita bread…6

Hand cut frites…4

Pan fried chicken & hand cut frites…8

Falafel wrap & hand cut frites…7

Beef kefta wrap & hand cut frites…8

wraps comes with romaine, tomato & tahini … or not


Vegan Meal for 4…65
*take out only!

12 falafels, mujadrah, hummus, zaatar roasted potatoes & green salad in a shallot vinaigrette, house made pickles, pita bread, tahini & hot sauce

Chicken or Beef Meal for 4…65
*take out only!

4 harissa chicken kabobs or 8 beef kefta patties, 8 falafels, zaatar roasted potatoes & green salad in a vinaigrette, house made pickles served with pita bread, hummus, tahini & hot sauce