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Explore your palette through our use of fresh herbs, spices, ethically sourced meats, grains & legumes from throughout the silk road. Our food is prepared from scratch daily by combining traditional recipes with modern dietary practices


Explore your palette through our use of fresh herbs, spices, ethically sourced meats, grains & legumes from throughout the silk road. Our food is prepared from scratch daily by combining traditional recipes with modern dietary practices

Pickup Instructions for Customers

For pick up orders, there is a limit of only one person inside the restaurant at a time, to maintain social distancing.
All take-out & catering orders over $100 will have an automatic kitchen gratuity of 15% added to the bill.
We are continuing with our high standard of cleanliness by offering contact free tap, sanitizing debit machines after every use and sanitizing high touch areas. We want to do our part for the environment by not contributing to single use plastic bag waste (though our bags are compostable), we will now be charging for bags.  Please bring your own reusable bag.

Mezze / Shares / Platters

Hummus (vg)… 9
chickpea, tahini, lemon & garlic

Baba ganooj (vg)… 10.50
smoky eggplant with pomegranate & tahini

Kiar bi laban… 9.50
cucumber, mint, garlic yogurt

Muhamarah (vg)… 9.50
pomegranate, roasted red pepper, walnut, breadcrumbs & Aleppo pepper

Falafel (vg)…8
with tahini

Tabbouleh salad (vg) …small 7 large 14
kale & quinoa with purple onion & barberries

Selection of Olives, Pickles, Grilled Artichoke, Bulgarian Feta, Roasted Pistachios …14.50

Zaatar Roasted Potatoes…8.99
with harissa aioli or garlic dip (vg)

Deep fried cauliflower (vg)…13.50
with tahini

Pan fried halloumi by the slice…4.75

Mujadrah (vg)…11
lentils, quinoa & brown rice, onions, chilies, preserved lemon & spices

Hand-Cut Zaatar Frites…small 7 large 11
tossed with house spice mix with harissa aioli or garlic dip (vg)

Beef kefta…17.50
three cache creek natural grilled beef patties seasoned with mint, cilantro & spices with tahini.
add an additional patty 5.95

Harissa chicken…18
two farmcrest kabobs with tahini.
Add an additional kabob…8.50

Lamb Merguez Sausage from Two Rivers…15.50
three North African style Two River sausages with tahini.
Add an additional sausage…5.50

Chermoulah Salmon…18.50
two wild oceanwise kabobs served with tahini.
Add an additional kabob 9.25

Trio of Dips…25
choose any 3 dips

Nabatti Platter…27.50
falafel, deep fried cauliflower, mujadrah, green salad, pita bread, tahini & hot sauce

Meshwi Platter…59
three beef kefta, two harissa chicken kabobs, three lamb merguez sausage, zaatar roasted potatoes, feta, pita bread, tahini & hot sauce


Tomato, purple onion, casa vel trano olives, cucumber, romaine lettuce, almonds, barbarries, garlic & mint vinaigrette…12
Make it a fattouche salad…13


Cache creek natural beef kefta per patty…5.95

Two rivers lamb merguez sausage…5.50

Farmcrest harissa chicken kabob…8.50

Wild oceanwise chermoulah salmon kabob…9.25

Falafels (3) or Mujadrah …5


Feta Royale – feta, pistachio, barberries, apricots & figs…6.25

Vegan Royale – pistachio, barberries, apricots & figs…3.25


Deep Fried Cauliflower…6.75

Pita Wrap

Tomato, romaine, house made pickles, tahini wrapped up in pita bread. served with hand cut zaatar frites or house salad; substitute frites or salad for a cup of soup…3.50
Upgrade to Saha Poutine…6.50
Upgrade to Saha Vegan Poutine…6
Halloumi by the slice…4.75

Cache Creek Natural Beef Kefta…17.60

Harissa Farmcrest Chicken Kabob…17.60

Wild Chermoulah Salmon …18

Two rivers Lamb Merguez Sausage…17

Feta Royale – bulgarian feta, dried apricots, barberries, figs & pistachio…16

Falafel (vg)…12.75

Baba Ganooj (vg)…13

Veggie Supreme (vg)…16
deep fried cauliflower & mujadrah

Halloumi & Cucumber…16


Served with hummus, roasted zaatar potatoes, house salad in pomegranate vinaigrette, house made pickles, tahini & pita bread
Add a cup of a soup 3.50  |  Add halloumi… 4.75
** make it a laziz bowl: substitute hummus & green salad for baba ganooj & tabbouleh salad…5

Cache Creek Natural Beef Kefta…18

Harissa Farmcrest Chicken Kabob…18.75

Wild Chermoulah Salmon Kabob…19

Two Rivers Lamb Merguez Sausage…17.50

Falafel (vg)…16      

Veggie Supreme (vg)…17.75
deep fried cauliflower & mujadrah


Saha Poutine…16
our famous hand cut zaatar frites topped with mujadrah, halloumi, tahini, hot sauce, feta & crispy fried onions

New menu item: Saha Vegan Poutine…15.50
our famous hand cut zaatar frites topped with mujadrah, deep fried cauliflower, tahini, hot sauce & crispy fried onions


Hummus & veggies…7.50

Hummus & pita bread…6

Hand cut frites…6

Pan fried chicken & hand cut frites…9

Falafel wrap & hand cut frites…7.50

Beef kefta wrap & hand cut frites…8.50

wraps comes with romaine, tomato & tahini … or not


Pistachio Baklava (vg)…3.50

Coconut Baklava (vg)…3

Chocolate Vegan Mousse…8


Take Out & Catering orders over $100 will have an automatic kitchen gratuity of 15% added to the bill.

Vegan Meal for 4…68
*take out only!
12 falafels, mujadrah, hummus, zaatar roasted potatoes & green salad in a shallot vinaigrette, house made pickles, pita bread, tahini & hot sauce

Chicken or Beef Meal for 4…68
*take out only!
4 harissa chicken kabobs or 8 beef kefta patties, 8 falafels, zaatar roasted potatoes & green salad in a vinaigrette, house made pickles served with pita bread, hummus, tahini & hot sauce

Alcoholic Drinks


14oz / Pitcher

Beer… 7 / 22

Cider…8 / 24


473 ml Beer…7.50 / mix 4 pack 25

473 ml Cider…8.50 / mix 4 pack 30

Back Country Brewery: Widowmaker IPA, Trailbreaker Pale Ale, Ridgerunner Pilsner, Tropical Punch Sour

Coast Mountain: Hope You’re Happy IPA, Pakalolo Hazy IPA, Woodnutt Brown Ale (winter seasonal)

The Beer Farmers: Lager

A-Frame Brewing: Cream Ale

Pemberton Brewing: Ship It Hazy IPA

Parkside Brewing: Dreamboat Hazy IPA (Seasonal)

Strange Fellows: Popinjay Sour

Strathcona Beer Company: Love Buzz Plum Bourbon Sour

Northyards Cidery: Raspberry Cider, Semi-Dry Cider, Grapefruit Hopped Cider


6oz / 1/2 litre / bottle


Great Canadian Red ’18
St Hubertus & Oak Bay, Kelowna … / 8 / 20 / 28

Meritage ’18
Fort Berens Estate…/ 11 / 30 / 41

Pinot Noir’19
Roche, Naramata …/ 12 / 32 / 42

Desert Sage The Red ’17
Bordertown, Osoyoos … / 36

Cabernet Sauvignon ’17
Bordertown, Osoyoos …/ 42

Chateau ’16
Roche, Naramata …/ 80


Great White North ’18
St Hubertus & Oak Bay, Kelowna…/ 8 / 20 /28

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon ’18
Sirens Call, Okanagan Falls…/ 12 / 34 / 43

Pinot Gris ’17
Bordertown, Osoyoos…10 / 28 / 36

Dry Riesling ’18
Moraine Winery, Penticton…/ 39

Gewurztraminer ’18
Lang Vineyards, Naramata …/ 28

Pinot Gris ’18
Roche …/ 43


Tantalus Vineyards…/ 12/ 32/ 40

Shipuchka Frizzante ’19
Moraine Winery, Penticton… / 44

Late Harvest Merlot ’19
Moraine Winery, Penticton… 10 (2oz) / 40


1oz unless stated otherwise

Cherry karaz
Bulleit bourbon with sour cherry juice, star anise & lemon…8.50

Arak Mule
Arak (persian vodka), ginger beer & lime…8.50

Sparkling wine with orange or mango juice (4oz)…8.50

Saha Caesar
Aleppo infused vodka, house pickle, olives & lemon…9
Make it a double!… 13
Caesar Sunday’s doubles…9.50

Red wine, triple sec, orange juice with strawberries, peaches & mango (5oz)…10

Classic Cocktails
Vodka & soda, gin & tonic… 8.50

Hard Tea Vodka
Vodka, Triple sec with Denman Island Strawberry Mint Tea… 8.50

Non-alcoholic drinks

Speciality tea selection
4.25 / 100g bag…20

provided by the denman island tea company

Saha mint
our very own blend of china gunpowder green tea and fresh german peppermint, organic

Canadian breakfast
a traditional black tea breakfast blend, tweaked for the squamish palate, organic

Earl grey select
a blend of smooth black teas bathed in cold-pressed bergamot oil, organic

Bourbon vanilla rooibos
varietal of vanilla bean exudes a true whiskey/bourbon profile, organic (caffeine free)

Blood orange rooibos
fresh squeezed blood oranges and honey notes layered together result in a smooth slightly tangy flavour, organic (caffeine free)

Sweet sanctum
a rich and aromatic blend of holy basil & turmeric root that elicits sweet notes of liquorice root and mango (caffeine free)


Organic, 32 oz french press
Local roaster, counterpart coffee. Great for sharing!
Full pot…9 / ½ pot…5

Phillips sodas & handcrafted tonics…3.50

Speed king craft cola
Cap’t electro’s intergalactic root beer
Dare devil orange cream
Spark mouth ginger ale Artisanal dry tonic
Cucumber mint tonic

Organic Shine Ginger Beer…6

Fentimans Ginger Beer…4.25

Strawberry Mint Iced Tea…4.25

Bucha Brew Kombucha…5


Juice, sparkling water

Apple, orange, mango juice…2.50 / large…4
San pellegrino (330ml)…3.50
San pellegrino (750ml)…7